best biryani pots ever

10 Best Biryani Pots Ever

Biryani pots play a very important role to cook a very well, delicious and tasty biryani.

What is Biryani Dish?

Biryani is  one of the most liked and delicious  India  & Middle Eastern   dish made with combination of rice and meat. In this  dish , half cooked meat is cooked through in a mixture of spices and then layered together with plain high quality basamati rice. Biryani can be made with mutton, chicken or lamb, and  it is generally served as the main course of a feast or a large family supper.

There are multiple type of Biryanis but  the famous  types of biryani is the Hyderabadi biryani. Hyderabadi biryani is a some type of spicy biryani and it consists of marinating the meat in a combination of vegetable oil, yogurt, and several spices and then cooking the meat directly with par-boiled basmati  rice. This varies from other types of biryani in which the meat and masala (i.e. the spices) are cooked in vegetable or canola oil and then stacked in layers on top of the rice and baked in the oven.

How to make Biryani at Home:


High quality Basmati Rice 1kg

Raw Chicken 1kg

Vegetable Oil/Mustered Oil  2Cups

Onions  4 pcs

Ginger- Garlic Paste 4 Table Spoons

Tomatoes  2

Black pepper Powder 1 Table Spoon

Salt As per taste

Cinnamon 4 Sticks

Cardamom  5

Cloves 5

Yogurt  500 gm

Coriander & Mint 2 Hand full

Fresh Green Chili 6

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Steps of Cooking:

Keep High quality Basmati Rice in water 10 minutes before starting the cooking

  1. Put 2 cups of Vegetable Oil in pan heat it & add spices into it with sliced onions too keep frying till onions get little bit brown.
  2. After that you can add ginger- garlic paste in pan and keep stirring slightly for a two minutes
  3. Add raw pieces of chicken in mixture and cook well along with other ingredients and spices.
  4. Put well beaten yogurt and chopped tomatoes in the same pan and keep on cooking till tomatoes totally mashed.
  5. Add black pepper and salt in it along with a cup of water and make the under  low flame for five to six minutes.
  6. Put coriander, mint and fresh green chilies in it and after few minutes take the pan off from hearth.
  7. Take another Biryani pot fill it with four liter water and add salt to taste along with 1 stick of cinnamon, two green cardamom and cloves. Let the water boil.
  8. Add  rice in boiling water and keep them boiling till ¾ done.Strain rice through strainer.

At last  make layers of chicken gravy and half boiled rice in a bigger Biryani pot and put it on low flame for 10 to 15 minutes. The Biryani pot must have a tightly packed with lid and no steam is leaking from that so that Biryani gets fine ending touch.

Now it is ready for serving.

10 Best Biryani Pots:

1– Pigeon by Stovekraft by Stovekraft Non-Stick Biriyani Pot

2– NanoNine Hot Serve Double Wall Insulated Hot Pot

3– Borosil Stainless Steel Handi Casserole with Lid

4– BERGNER Argent SS Triply Casserole with Lid,20 cm,3.1 litres,Induction Base

5– Jaypee Polo 2500 Ultra White

6- Prestige Platina Induction Base Stainless Steel

7– BERGNER Argent SS Triply Casserole,28 cm,8.3 litres

8– Trilonium Cook and Serve Cast Iron Dutch Oven/Casserole/Biryani Pot

9– Alpha Global Cast Iron Nonstick Casserole Black 8 Inch

10– Wonderchef Granite Casserole with Lid,20cm, 2L,Grey

Some dishes famous for its cooking style and the pots used to make them and biryani is one of them. So use biryani pot and feel the actual essence of flavor.

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